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Tell a friend and earn money

Please tell your friend about through the form below. We draw every month two checks in $100 each.

First check we will send to Referrer who's Friends downloaded and installed One Page Websites above all.
Second one we will send to Referrer, who's Friends downloaded Multiple Pages Websites above all.

Please write your real name, e-mail and city while filling the form below. We will send the check only to the person, who's name, e-mail and city is properly stored in our records.

Your full name
Friend e-mail
You can choose from two types of message:
Dear friend.

I advice you to visit for making your website there.

I visited and found it interesting.
Take a look on it and let's talk then.

Every person can participate in the draw every month, because we amass your references. Only when you receive check from us, your previous progress will be disregarded.

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